Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #7

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Crisis on Infinite Earths #7

#7 is surprising in how few notable issues happened at that number.

New Gods #7 was "The Pact," which detailed the origin of the current situation between Apokolips and New Genesis, and the whole "Scott Free swapping places with Orion" story, which is a big part of New Gods history.

The very first Neil Gaiman Sandman storyline ended with Sandman #7.

Amazing Spider-Man #7 was the first time a Spider-Man villain returned (the Vulture, by the by).

The Fantastic Four and the Justice League of America are noted in how UNnotable their seventh issues were - really lowlights, actually.

The most notable issue other than the one representing this number would be Daredevil #7, which was the first appearance of the Wally Wood-designed red costume for Daredevil. That's a big part of comic book history, but I think that the seventh issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths - the death of Supergirl, stands out a bit more, mostly due to:

A. The shock of a major character dying like this


B. The famous George Perez cover

Those two combine to make this a comic that continues to be referred to over and over again - heck, we were just discussing it a month ago, vis a vis the Perez cover (which has been homaged a lot since then).

So that's the pick.

Name me some other lucky sevens!!

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