Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #6

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Showcase #6

It's actually quite surprising just how few great sixth issues there are out there - you'd think that anything in the low numbers would be filled with notable first appearances and the like, but really, the Challengers of the Unknown making their debut in the pages of Showcase #6 really seems to be the top of the line.

Not that the Challengers of the Unknown are NOT memorable, because they certainly are - four people with very different personalities (including a young hotshot, a big brain and a brawny guy) survive a crash landing that makes them decide to form a group that will investigate bizarre new worlds?

Sure sounds like a bit of an inspiration for a certain other fantastic quartet that Challengers creator Jack Kirby was involved with later on!

While this one would be the tops, I'd say, there are plenty of other pretty darn good other 6th issues, like the first appearance of the Lizard in Amazing Spider-Man, the first Doom/Namor team-up in Fantastic Four and the first Masters of the Evil in Avengers #6.

Oops, I forgot to mention the classic Sandman #6, which was the eerie issue where Doctor Destiny takes over a diner and horror ensues.

Any other good sixth issues out there?

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