Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #35

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Tales to Astonish #35

Hank Pym made his debut in Tales to Astonish #27, making him the most famous character introduced in the twenty-seventh issue of a comic book, but his debut was a bit different than you would expect. You see, when introduced, Pym was just your standard science-fiction character - a scientist who found he could shrink to the size of an ant.

However, with the superhero boom, Stan Lee decided to bring the character back, but this time, using his size-changing ability as a superpower as the new superhero, Ant-Man!

This story was his debut as Ant-Man, along with the costume.

It was the first of a three-part story, plotted by Stan Lee, scripted by Lee's brother, Larry and drawn by Jack Kirby (with inks by Dick Ayers).

Like most comics of the era, the bad guys were dirty, dirty Commies.

There are not too many notable 35th issues out there, and the first Ant-Man, surprisingly, is the top one!!

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