Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #32

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Promethea #32

This was a really tough one, and I think it was one that, had you asked a few years back, would certainly have gone a different way, because Spider-Woman's profile was not as big as Moon Knight's, so Moon Knight's first appearance in Werewolf By Night #32 would have been the pick over Spider-Woman's first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #32.

But one of them would have been the nod, that is, until Promethea #32 came out - the final issue of Alan Moore's classic run on Promethea (probably the best of his America's Best Comics books), the conclusion TO the entire line of comics AND an amazing comic book in its own right.

Promethea #32 was the end of the world, and it was told in comic book form, however, you could also remove all the pages and re-arrange them into a gigantic two-sided poster that would make just as much sense.

It was a stunning work, and a far bit more memorable than the first appearances of some fairly major characters such as Moon Knight and Spider-Woman.

Other notable #32s include the first part of A Game of You in Sandman and the famous "return from cancellation where we would be had we not been canceled" issue of Quantum and Woody. Plus, of course, the middle part of the famous Spider-Man story where Spidey lifts the big piece of metal.

Any other notable #32s out there with a little bit of comic magic in them?

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