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All Star Comics #3

This is a tough break for poor Otto Octavius, as he made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #3, and he is a pretty darn important comic book character, but all said and done, I think it is pretty clear that when you think the number three (which is a magic number, don't you know), you think of All Star Comics #3, the creation of the first comic book "all star" superhero team, the Justice Society of America!

Are they the first superhero team PERIOD? I forget.

Anyhow, in this issue, Gardner Fox turned a bunch of solo adventures (All Star Comics was an anthology featuring stories from National Comics as well as All-American Comics) into the debut of a new superhero TEAM, all through the use of a clever framing device!!

So this definitely stands out at the definitive #3.

But there have been plenty of notable #3s over the years!

Here are some (I am sure you all will have more to share)!!

X-Men #3 debuted the Blob!

X-Men #3 (1991) was the last issue of Chris Claremont's SEVENTEEN YEAR run on the X-Men!

Fantastic Four #3 was the first appearance of the Fantastic Four's costumes (and their Fantasticar!).

We3 #3 was the last issue of that awesome mini-series, and it was AMAZING! "No de-com-mish We3."

Quasar #3 pitted Quasar and the Human Torch against the dreaded ANGLER!!!

Marvel Premiere #3 was the beginning of Doctor Strange's second shot at a series (which soon became Englehart and Brunner's classic run)!

That's alls I gots!

Feel free to name some more!!

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