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Detective Comics #27

This was a tough one. First, as a reader kindly pointed out, Spectacular Spider-Man #27 was the first time Frank Miller ever drew Daredevil.

Secondly, as I already noted for #35, Hank Pym is the most famous character introduced in the twenty-seventh issue of a comic book, so you'd think that would get the nod.

However, I am going to have to bend to the fact that Detective Comics #27 is very likely the most famous #27 issue.


Anyhow, this issue features the uncle of a member of the Justice League! Hawkgirl's uncle, Speed Saunders is one of the featured stories in this issue.

Slam Bradley, who made his debut in the very FIRST issue of this title, also had a story in this comic.

Hey, Slam is a detective! So I bet when DC put out that one-shot comic called Detective 27 awhile back, I bet that is who they were referring to!!

Also, Plain Clothes Pete, Cosmo, the Phantom of Disguise, Flatfoot Flannigan, Doctor Fu Manchu, Bruce Nelson, Crimson Avenger, Tenderfoot - this issue truly had it all!

It even had a new costumed hero! He was all right, but a bit of a Shadow knock-off, in fact, I think the Chemical Syndicate he fights here is basically the same one as a Shadow novel that came out around the same time.

But I guess the Batman was okay.

Good issue, overall!

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