Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #23

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Action Comics #23

This issue actually contains (I believe) three notable firsts!

It is the first issue of Action Comics (heck, maybe even all DC Comics, period!) to feature the DC bullet on the cover!

I BELIEVE that it is the first comic book appearance of the Daily Planet (not positive on that).

It also happens to be the first appearance of one of the three most famous supervillains in all of comic book history, Lex Luthor!!

In the first story, Luthor appears with red hair! He is a fairly traditional pulp villain, although Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster continue their vaguely activist approach for Superman, as here, the main villainy of Luthor is war profiteering!!

Luthor has manipulated the countries of Galonia and Toran into warring with each other, so that he can sell munitions to both countries. Lois and Clark are over there investigating the war, and Lois is subsequently captured.

Superman saves her from Luthor AND stops the war!

Superman sure is awesome, no?

This issue also features the standard Action Comics back-ups, like Clip Carson, Tex Thomson and, of course, Zatara!

Other notable #23 issues include some particularly strong issues of Grant Morrison's Animal Man, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Kirby/Lee's Fantastic Four, Ditko/Lee Amazing Spider-Man and Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

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