Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #22

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Showcase #22

For awhile, I was really conflicted here.

First of all, Crime Does Not Pay, one of the most popular comic books of all time, debuted with issue #22 (until then, it was a superhero comic). That's a pretty darn big deal.

However, the real fight was between Showcase #22, featuring the debut of Hal Jordan and Pep Comics #22, which is the first appearance of Archie Andrews.

In overall comic book history importance, you have to figure that Archie beats out Hal Jordan pretty easily, no?

But as far as debut issues go, I think Showcase #22 is more important. Archie was not even on the COVER of Pep Comics #22. Pep Comics #22 is also not nearly as well known of a single issue as Showcase #22, which has been reprinted and homage up the wazoo.

Pep Comics #22?

I'm sure the first story has been reprinted a lot, but never really the full issue or the cover. How many people even know what the cover of Pep Comics #22 LOOKS like?

Not much, I imagine.

So while Archie is more notable than Hal Jordan, I think Showcase #22 is more notable than Pep Comics #22.

It's a real tough call, though.

Okay, some more notable #22s...

Justice League of America #22 was part of the first JLA/JSA crossover...

Fantastic Four #22 introduced Sue's "Hey look everybody, I'm useful!" powers of invisible force fields.

Swamp Thing #22 was the first post-Anatomy Lesson issue.

What other notable #22s are out there? Let me know!

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