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The Saga of Swamp Thing #21

Most people think of Swamp Thing #21 when they think of #21, and most people would be correct, as Alan Moore's famous story (his second issue on the title), "The Anatomy Lesson" is one of the most famous single issues in comic book history (probably THE most famous issue not involving a first appearance or a death).

This is the issue where Moore reveals that Swamp Thing, long thought to be scientist Alec Holland, transformed by a chemical explosion into a, well, swamp thing, was NOT Holland! Holland, in fact, died in the explosion, but the chemicals animated some swamplife into THINKING it was Alec Holland!

That sounds trippy now, so you can only imagine how trippy it was of a concept twenty-four years ago!

This was really the beginning of Moore's tour de force work on Swamp Thing, and it is one of the most memorable single issues of the last quarter century.

Let me also note the awesome art by Stephen R. Bissette (Pencils) and John Totleben (Inks),

That's not to say that there aren't other notable #21s out there, because there are, including three BIG ones!

The JLA and the JSA first teamed up in Justice League of America #21.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 was the marriage of Spider-Man.

And the famous GI Joe "silent issue" was GI Joe #21.

Lesser-known issues include:

Abe Jenkins, the Beetle, first showed up in Amazing Spider-Man #21.

Another future Thunderbolt, Erik Josten, first showed up in Avengers #21.

Sandman #21 was the prologue to Season of Mists.

Name some other neat #21s!

Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command #5

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