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Doom Patrol #19

Today was an epic showdown between Doom Patrol #19 and The Sandman #19, the amazing Midsummer's Night Dream issue.

Ultimately, as strong as the Gaiman issue is (and it is certainly better than Doom Patrol #19), I do not think it has the same notableness of Morrison's first issue of Doom Patrol. I wasn't even sure which issue of Sandman HAD the Midsummer's Night Dream story in it!

While Doom Patrol #19 is a very famous issue, so it gets the nod, although it is a close decision.

Rarely in mainstream comics had a creator change been as dramatic (and as awesome) as the move from Paul Kupperberg to Grant Morrison in this, the first part of Crawling From the Wreckage (remember, Alan Moore's first issue of Swamp Thing was relatively in keeping with the previous writers).

This is the issue we meet Crazy Jane, the woman who has split personalities - each one having his or her own superpower!!

What is so amazing to me is that while Morrison certainly represented a significant shift from Kupperberg, the book still was not SO different that a regular reader would become lost reading the new creative team - Morrison went slowly (like Moore, except Morrison went even faster than that).

Richard Case did a good job on the artwork.

So yeah, it gets the nod, but Neil Gaiman's amazing issue of The Sandman deserves serious recognition (which it got - by winning a World Fantasy Award, an occurrence so dramatic that they changed the rules afterwards so that comic books were ineligible!)!!

Otherwise, FF #19 had the FF fight Rama-Tut, and Spidey struck back in Amazing #19!

Any other good #19s?

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