Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #17

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Showcase #17

This is one of the odder match-ups that we've seen yet, as there is a trio of comics seriously vying for this spot, and two of them include about as different characters as you can get!

Showcase #17 features the first appearance of Adam Strange, DC Super Stars #17 features the first appearance of the Huntress and Miracleman #17 features the debut of Neil Gaiman on the title.

With all due respect to Gaiman and Miracleman, I think that, in this instance, the two first appearances take the cake - so which one to choose?

Huntress, who is certainly the more important character now or Adam Strange?

As you can see, I went with Adam Strange, if only because of I think he was a more important creation than the Huntress. Adam Strange came out of whole cloth, and his science fiction background as a man out of his world, forced to deal with commuting between planets - that was such a brilliant idea by Gardner Fox (the first issue was drawn well by Mike Sekowsky) that I think it stands out much more than the idea of giving Batman a daughter who was also a superhero.

That said, I certainly do not think it is a slam dunk by Adam.

Other notable #17s include the beginning of Dream Country by Neil Gaiman in Sandman #17, a cool Doom fight in Fantastic Four #17, the introduction of the Tornado Tyrant (who would later create Red Tornado) in Justice League #17 and a cool Spider-Man/Human Torch/Green Goblin deal in Amazing Spider-Man #17.

Any others?

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