Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #16

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Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16

As promised, the first appearance of a comic book character in a hyphenated comic book title!

Monica Rambeau, Captain Marvel II, debuts in this neat issue of Amazing Spider-Man Annual, written by Roger Stern with art by John Romita, Jr. It should be an essential part of every comic book library!

Okay, okay, seriously speaking...

All-American Comics #16

This was a tough little battle, with the last issue of Alan Moore's Miracleman competing against the first issue of the new Avengers lineup competing against the first appearance of Green Lantern, but in the end, I think the significance of Green Lantern's first appearance wins out.

Of the three, I think Avengers #16 is probably the runner-up, as that issue certainly has taken on a certain life of its own (I recently posited that the cover to #16 is the second-most notable cover in Avengers history - second only to #4, which we may or may not see in a few days ;) ), while Miracleman #16, while still a big-time issue, has a bit smaller of a following.

Still, I think enough people know what issue Green Lantern debuted in, so when you couple that with the fact that Green Lantern was possibly the third-most popular superhero DC had in the 1940s, and I think that his first appearance (drawn by Marty Nodell and written by Bill Finger) is the tops.

Although boy, it'd have been fun for Monica Rambeau to have the spot! :)

Other sweet sixteens include a cool Doom fight in FF #16 and a neat Daredevil guest appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #16.

Name me some other good ones, folks!

Ajit notes that Alfred first showed up in Batman #16!

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