Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #14

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Amazing Spider-Man #14

The first appearance of the Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man is pretty much the clear-cut choice for this issue number, but there are some other notable #14s out there, just not nearly as notable as one of Spider-Man's greatest (and certainly one of his most famous, due to the movies) villains.

Jeff Ryan, for instance, wished to note the following issue of Quasar #14...

He flies to the Stranger's giant spaceship orbiting Jupiter, and finds out the Stranger has been collecting anomalous lifeforms he's detected on Earth, and keeping them in a giant zoo. The thing is, though, every single one of the lifeforms is an actual Marvel character who appeared once or twice and was then completely forgotten about! Bi-Beast, Alpha the Ultimate Mutant, Shanga the Star-Dancer, the friggin' Fourth Dimentional Man! And even more guys (Rocket Raccoon, Jack of Hearts) show up in the following issues! Check out the list -- http://www.quantumzone.org/issues/quasar/quasar14.html

Thanks, Jeff!

Okay, Fantastic Four #14 had a neat fight with the Sub-Mariner teaming up with Puppet Master.

Marvel Premiere #14 had the absolute classic issue where Doctor Strange and Sise-Neg go back in time to the actual moment of creation!!! WOW! This was the controversial issue that Englehart and Brunner faked a letter to get out of apologizing for offending religious types.

X-Men #14 was the first appearance of the Sentinels

All-Flash #14 was an issue "edited" by the Flash's three dumb sidekicks. I always thought that that was a funny gag.

Sandman #14 was almost the end of Doll's House. What a cool storyline that was. That really showed you what Sandman was all about, didn't it? The beginning of quite a roll by Gaiman (the first story arc was good, but not nearly as good as the ones that followed).

But really, Steve Ditko and Stan Lee introducing the Green Goblin is the stand-out issue for this number, even if the actual issue wasn't the greatest in the world (Goblin really got good once we knew who he was).

Okay, name me some more good #14s!!

Only two more issues left to go in the countdown!!

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