Comics Should Be Good Presents "31 Days Of Seven Soldiers"

DC Comics'Seven Soldiers Of Victory is and will forever be remembered as one of the most remarkable projects in superhero comics history. Beginning in February 2005 and concluding in October 2006, the series of seven mini-series is most accurately defined as a megaseries; thirty issues in all. The megaseries tells the tale of seven of DC's less visible heroes as they rise reluctantly from the ranks of mediocrity to battle a threat never before imagined; a legion of evil with an unstoppable hunger for the destruction of not just mere lives, but entire civilizations -- all without actually meeting one another.

The format of interconnected series is similar to that of Jack Kirby's Fourth World titles of the 1970s, which were also designed to form a hugely epic and heavily spiritual story. As such, it is probably no coincidence that Kirby's New Gods play a key role in Seven Soldiers, most notably in the form of a new Mister Miracle. The team also includes Zatanna, Klarion the Witch Boy, Shining Knight, Manhattan Guardian, Bulleteer and Frankenstein.

Written by who else but Grant Morrison, the Seven Soldiers project's ambition is matched only by its quality -- and, of course, its complexity. While the megaseries' story is perfectly accessible to all readers, even those unfamiliar with some of the more obscure DC characters (most of whom are revamped or re-created in Seven Soldiers), Morrison's work always comes with several layers of bonus brain candy. Steeped in multiple themes and references to religion, literature, mythology, mysticism, and the history of the DC Universe, Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory offers readers far more than an already exceptional good vs. evil plot.

Unlocking the secrets of Seven Soldiers enhances the reading experience in more ways than fans can expect, and with the final trade paperback volume scheduled to ship at the end of this month, now is the perfect time for fans to become metafans -- with the ultimate guide to the megaseries by Greg Burgas over at Comics Should Be Good. Greg spent all of December spotlighting each and every issue of the Seven Soldiers saga in the order in which they were originally released and intended to be read, creating a fantastic go-to resource for readers for years to come. CBR is proud to present 31 Days Of Seven Soldiers.

Well done, Greg.

As you're exploring the guide to Seven Soldiers, don't forget to stop by CBR's DC Comics Forum to discuss your findings and interpretations with fellow fans.

Day 1: "JLA Classified" #1-3 [Editor's note: this JLA Classified arc, while not at all crucial to the saga of Seven Soldiers, was also written by Grant Morrison and is generally considered to be a great read. The story introduces many themes and concepts that he would later employ in the megaseries, including the villainous Sheeda.]

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

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