Comics Should Be Good @ Comic Con International - Intro

This year, Comics Should Be Good is going to be represented at Comic Con International in San Diego by Kelson, of the blog K-Squared Ramblings (Greg Burgas is attending one day as well, so you'll be sure to hear from him, too!).

Here is Kelson's introduction to his coverage, with some quick general tips about the convention.

Hi, I'm guest-blogging the "fan experience" of Comic-Con International. My name's Kelson Vibber. I've been attending San Diego every year since about 1990, and this is my fourth year attending the entire weekend.

I skipped Preview night (my wife and I went to see Avenue Q), but we picked up our badges this afternoon, and registration seemed to be much more efficient than it was last year. Considering the record attendance this year, they're going to need it.

One thing about Comic-Con, though: it extends beyond the convention itself. You see other con-goers everywhere -- in your hotel, on the trolley, in restaurants, at the supermarket, in the audience at the theater. You can tell by the badges, by the large backpacks, by the printed T-shirts, by the convention tote bags. If you sit next to a complete stranger, you know you have at least one thing in common.

And people who aren't going to the con will ask about it. Even locals sometimes don't know more than that downtown gets really busy. "What kind of stuff do they have there?" "Can you go just one day?"

Speaking of the trolley, for the first time in four years, I was asked to show my ticket. I stopped at my local comic store on the way out, and everyone there had the same experience. I can now confirm that yes, they do sometimes check, so just spend the $2.50.

Be sure to look for Kelson's daily coverage of the Comic Con this weekend! - BC

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