Comics journalism overload [Updated]

First of all, we need to think up some new terms to distinguish journalism done via comics — as practiced by, say, Joe Sacco — from journalism about comics. Suggestions gleefully accepted!

Whatever we call it, sequential-art reporting is definitely coming into its own, and we have the links to prove it. For starters, here's a video of the Comics and Journalism in a New Era panel at Comic-Con International, moderated by Publishers Weekly comics editor Calvin Reid and featuring a stellar lineup of Susie Cagle (who has been involved in as well as reporting reported* on Occupy Oakland), Andy Warner, Stan Mack, Ed Piskor, Dan Carino and Chris Butcher.

Then Heidi MacDonald has a post with a bunch of links about Joe Sacco and Chris Hedges, who appeared on the Bill Moyers show to discuss their book Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, which explores communities devastated by profit-seekers. In addition to the full show, you can watch a process video of Sacco at work; Sacco and Hedges will be doing a live chat tomorrow.

All this reminded me to drop in on the comics-journalism site Cartoon Movement, where the latest post is Tom Humberstone's look at the dark side of the run-up to the London Olympics. Anyone who wants to follow cartoon journalism should bookmark this site, which has featured work by Cagle, Josh Neufeld and Sarah Glidden, and is currently running Army of God, David Axe and Tim Hamilton's story of the Lord's Resistance Army in the Congo.

*Although she writes with a definite point of view, Cagle did not participate in the events she reported on.

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