<i>Comics Journal</i> writer vs. <i>Comics Journal</i> website: FIGHT!

A contrarian's contrarian known for writing pieces like an Art Spiegelman takedown titled "In the Shadow of No Talent," Noah Berlatsky is the sort of writer whom people who've never read The Comics Journal but know of its fearsome reputation might conjure up as the notoriously cranky comics mag's critical platonic ideal. In that light, the longtime Journal contributor and current Journal blogger's essay on everything that's wrong with the Journal's new web presence might be the Comics Journaliest thing ever written.

Writing at his usual blog platform The Hooded Utilitarian -- which is now hosted at the Journal's site, TCJ.com -- Berlatsky rattles off a laundry list of problems with the recently relaunched site. Gaudy ads, WordPress clutter, an "everything and the kitchen sink" approach to organizing its bloggers and their very different approaches and beats, "read more" jump-cuts that interrupt every single post mid-sentence, launching in beta, lack of promotion, frequent outages, and the already-infamous posting and yanking of TCJ #300's content are among the many targets that draw Berlatsky's fire.

More Journal and TCJ.com contributors chime in in the comment thread, such as as well as blogger Derik Badman, who notes the site's user-unfriendly headline-only RSS feed, which is undetectable to some browsers.

Though Journal publisher and guiding light Gary Groth continues to dismiss the comics blogosphere even as he admits he doesn't follow it all that closely, the problems with his publication's entry into the digital era make me wonder if we've reached a "physician, heal thyself" moment.

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