Comics: ironic kitsch or cool bits of culture?

Dark Horse assistant editor Brendan Wright noticed that Mario's, a designer clothing store in Portland, Oregon, is using art from Paul Levitz's 75 Years of DC Comics in its window displays. It's an interesting juxtaposition of comics and fashion, made more fascinating by Wright's uncertainty about the message Mario's intended to convey.

"On the one hand," he writes, "I suppose it casts comics as a generic pop-culture backdrop, a colorful splash of nostalgia against which gray suits can stand out, your mileage may vary. On the other hand, it does posit this $200 book as an upscale item for sophisticated people who drop lots of money on clothes."

Wright wonders "if Mario’s is using comics as ironic kitsch or cool bits of culture." Which do you think it is? Check out his photo-filled post then sound off below.

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