Comics Industry Reacts to Marvel Hiring CB Cebulski as Editor-in-Chief

Earlier today, Marvel Comics announced that CB Cebulski has been named the new editor-in-chief of the publisher. And, as evident on social media, the comics industry couldn't be more excited for the veteran Marvel executive's new role at the company.

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Taking to Twitter, a number of creators have voiced their support for Cebulski and his hiring, praising his ability to scout new talent, and his overall character.

Namely, Brian Michael Bendis, who shook the comics world this month announcing his departure from Marvel for DC Comics, sounded off with a nice message for Cebuslki:

Countless other creators voiced their support, as well:

Cebulski is filling the role previously held by Axel, who served as the editor-in-chief of Marvel since 2011. Various creators lent their voices in support of Alonso, bidding him farewell and citing his impressive legacy, leadership and collaborative expertise which he executed during his tenure at the publisher.

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Cebulski is a 15 year veteran of Marvel, having worked in a number of roles over the years. His most current position prior to his promotion was VP, Marvel Brand Management and Development, Asia, where he was tasked with helping to further the globalization of Marvel and its properties. Cebulski is currently living in Shanghai, but will relocate to New York City in order to work directly from Marvel’s headquarters. He will take over as editor-in-chief of the publisher immediately.

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