Comics in motion: The Boy with Nails for Eyes

Up till now, I haven't been too impressed with the concept of "motion comics," but Shaun Gardiner has changed my mind.

At the moment, only the prologue of Gardiner's The Boy with Nails for Eyes is up, but it's already obvious that this is going to be an extraordinary comic. Gardiner uses animation to slowly bring the reader through the images, and he uses music (of his own composition) and sound effects to set the atmosphere and pacing. His art is nothing short of amazing, combining ink and collage with a limited palette of blacks, browns, and dark reds to create the mood and set up the elements of the story. The story itself isn't clear yet, but interestingly, it starts with images of crows over a gritty industrial town, suggesting one type of story, and then brings in giant cathedral-bots, which kind of shifts the mood. Anyway, it's well worth a look; the few minutes it takes to view the prologue are time well spent. If that gets you curious for more, check out Craig Smith's interview with Gardiner at the Motion Comics blog.

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