Comics Help Auction, second half of week 2

Official Press Release

The Comics Help auction is midway into its second week, and is still going strong. Today we uploaded more items, and we plan to do another handful tomorrow.

The Comics Help auction was organized by Oni Press with the help of Komikwerks.com and World Famous Comics (Jinxworld). All items are donated by comic book professionals and are being sold on eBay, with proceeds after eBay and credit card fees going to the American Red Cross.

The new auctions for Wednesday, October 17, include the following:

  • Supreme Statue and Print singed by Alex Ross – Dynamic Forces Supreme statue sculpted by Joe DeVito based on an illustration by Alex Ross. Statue comes with a print signed by Alex Ross. We are not sure of the number of the statue because we don't want to break the seal on the statue case. Donated by Bud Plant Dist.
  • Buffy Ring of Fire art by Ryan Sook – Page 11 from issue #1 of Dark Horse Comics Buffy the Vampire Slayer Ring of Fire. Art is 11" x 17" inked original.
  • Buffy Gatekeeper Trilogy Book Two signed mauscript – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book Two: Ghost Roads manuscript by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder. This copyedited manuscript has editor's notes in the margins and is signed by Christopher Golden.
  • Wildcats #16 comic and script signed by Joe Casey – The original script for Wildcats #16 and the Wildcats #16 comic book both signed by writer Joe Casey.
  • Desert Peach Donna Barr set of four signed prints – Four 8 ½" x 11" black and white Desert Peach prints signed by series creator Donna Barr.
  • Spawn The Dark Ages #26 comic and script signed Niles – Spawn the Dark Ages #26 comic book and original script both signed by writer Steve Niles
  • Marbles in My Underpants with sketch by Renee French – Marbles in My Underpants signed by creator Renee French with a sketch
  • Stan Lee Poster signed by Lee, Gibbons, Huges, and more
  • Justice League Archive, signed by Julius Schwartz and Murphy Anderson
  • Superboy #88 page 2 by Ferry and Champagne – 11" x 17" inked art for Superboy #88 page #2. Art is by Pascual Ferry and Keith Champagne.
  • Jingle Belle art by Jason Bone – Page 1 of Jingle Belle "That Olde Christmas Spirit" story. Art is 11" x 17" inked illustration by Jason Bone
  • X-Men / Fantastic Four #1 page 30 by Fernandez – 11" x 17" original inked illustration for Uncanny X-Men / Fantastic Four #1 page thirty by Leandro Fernandez.
  • Robin #79 cover by Pete Woods – 11" x 17" inked illustration for the cover of DC Comics Robin #79. Art is by Pete Woods and features Robing and Green Arrow
  • Bat-Man illustration by Daniel Krall – 10 ½" x 10 ½" color illustration of DC Comics' Bat-Man by Ten Gallon Studios artist Daniel Krall
  • Dignifying Science pages by Stephanie Gladden – 8 ½" x 11" inked illustrations for pages 2 and 5 from animator Stephanie Gladden's contribution to the Dignifying Science book
  • Double page Wolverine/Iron First splash by Jamal Igle, featuring Iron Man.
  • Fimo sculpture of Barry Ween.

  • Cover from Robin #79 by Pete Woods

Thursday's items will include the second Magic Pickle cover painting by Scott Morse, a page from Webspinners by Rurik Tyler, a page from Blair Witch Chronicles by Tom Fowler, a page from Generation X Underground by Jim Mahfood, a page from Rare Creature by Kelley Seda, and much more by way of comics and scripts. The headline item for the day are two pages of painted artwork by Durwin Talon (the cover artist on the "Office Down" story arc in DC's Batman titles) based on a two-page Queen & Country sequence written by Greg Rucka.

Friday, only one item will be uploaded as the Oni staff takes the day to pack up the items that have been paid for in already completed auctions. The special item for the day is a spot on the Oni Press comp list for the year 2002. The winner of this auction will earn the experience of being on the special list of professionals who receive Oni product for free. This means a package of comics every six weeks or so, and every Oni Press publication for the year 2002.

Enough items are still waiting to go on the auction block to carry the event well into next week. For those interested in checking out the current auctions, please visit http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/comicshelp/.

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