Comics Help Auction preps for Day 3

Official Press Release

As we approach day three of the Comics Help auction, we would like to thank everyone once again for helping out-for donating time, artwork, comics, and money. So far, everything is doing amazingly well.

Unfortunately, we have to put a cap on donations. If you have not already pledged a donation to either Oni Press or the Komikwerks.com Visions of Hope side of the auction, then we must ask that you not send us anything. Office space and time constraints dictate that we must close the doors at some point, and for right now, this is the point. If you still want to do something, we suggest trying eBay's Auction for America promotion, which allows you to sell the items on your own.

Original pencilled and inked pin-up illustration by Dave Gibbons for Preacher #66, the final issue. 17" x 11" and signed by Gibbons.

32" x 21 ½" color poster for the Just Imagine series. Signed by Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Dave Gibbons and Adam Hughes. Poster is not mint and does have some wrinkles and creases.

Original pencilled and inked art for The Blair Witch Chronicles #3 page 5. The art is 11" x 17" and by Tom Fowler.

Desert Peach #1, #26, #27 and #28, Bosom Enemies #1 and #2, Stinz #6, #7 and #8 and a black and white print all signed by series creator Donna Barr.

Original pen and ink ad illustration 11" x 17", Complete set of The Marquis: Danse Macabre all signed by Guy Davis and a Marquis t-shirt.

12 ½" x 16 ½" black and white illustration by Mike Cherkas, artist of Silent Invasion and Suburban Nightmares

Sandman Doll's House ­ Norwegian hardcover edition #43 of 1,000.

Complete two-page inked Marie Curie story from Dignifying Science written by Jim Ottaviani and drawn by Marie Severin. Originals are 11" x 17".

An 11" x 17" ink and wash original pin-up by Neil Vokes created specifically for this auction.

A one of a kind sculpture by Rosemary Van Deuren of the Oni Press logo mascot. Made out of fimo, the sculpture is 3" x 3' x 2 ½".

The first regular issue of X-Men to feature the New X-Men. Donated by Shea Anton Pensa.

Avatar Press' DreamWalker Vol. 3 Issues 0-5 singed, plus an original 7" x 10 ½" inked sketch by Jenni Gregory.

11" x 17" ink and spot color pin-up featuring Marvel Comics' Captain America, drawn by Shannon Denton of Komikwerks.com specifically for this auction.

Tokyo Pop package including Sailor Moon #11 Exclusive Club Tokyo Pop and Comic-Con 1999 edition, Sailor Moon #1 Exclusive Comic-Con 1998 Edition, Gundam Wing: Battle Field of Pacifists #1 Diamond Retailer Summit Limited Edition, Corrector Yui Limited Collector's Edition and a Medium Sized Tokyo Pop long-sleeved T-shirt.

The Coffin trade paperback collection autographed by writer Phil Hester and artist Mike Huddleston. Published by Oni Press.

Dark Horse Comics Land of Nod #1-4 signed and a 6" x 8 ¼" ink sketch of Jetcat by Jay Stephens.

Big Card Comics' Mighty Eyeball #1 signed copy and a 9" x 12" inked page of original art from #2 by Rurik Tyler.

The original art for page 4 of Jason Bone's Jingle Belle story from Jingle Belle's All Star Holiday Hullabaloo. Inked art is 11" x17.

In other auction news, today was a fruitful day as more previously pledged donations arrived from Team Red Star, Frank Quitely, Kelley Seda, Peter Hogan, Douglas Paszkiewicz, Sean Konot & Jim Mahfood, Steve Rolston, and Dan Brereton. The Komikwerks.com Visions of Hope arm of the auction also contributed pieces by Patrick Coyle, Michael O'Hare, Howard Shum, Michael Whelan, Caroline Hu, Aaron Sowd, and Travis Moore & Jaime Mendoza. Komikwerks donations can be viewed at http://www.komikwerks.com/content/vision_of_hope/artwork.html.

A list of donations so far and a link to the eBay page can also be found at http://www.onipress.com/comicshelp

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