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The Comics Help auction on eBay to benefit the Red Cross has kicked off to tremendous results. With the first 15 items online for only a couple of hours, bids are already taking off. So, with the rush of initial success in mind, Oni Press is preparing for it's second day of auctioning.

People looking to go to the auction can either find it through eBay by searching for the seller ID "comics help," or by visiting http://www.onipress.com/comicshelp which, in addition to having a link to the eBay page, also contains a master list of the items waiting to go on the auction block.

For Tuesday, October 9, 2001, the planned list of items to be made available are as follows:

  • Clerks The Lost Scene Kevin Smith ­marker layouts by Phil HesterKevin Smith's Clerks The Lost Scene pencil and marker layout for the entire 22 page issue by Phil Hester. 21 8 ½" x 11" pages, the first is signed by Hester. This is extremely rare and the only art from the issue that was available to the public.

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths Limited Hardcover, Slipcase and Poster signed by Marv Wolfman

    DC Comics' Crisis on Infinite Earths Limited Edition Hardcover. Dustjacket illustration by George Perez and Alex Ross. Comes with a Slipcase and folded poster of cover. The book is signed by writer Marv Wolfman with the inscription, "For all those who were so innocent ­ with hopes for peace for all mankind."

  • Greg Rucka ­ Critical Space hardcover signed.

    A signed hardcover copy of Greg Rucka's newest novel Critical Space, the latest in the Atticus Kodiak series. Published by Bantam.

  • Magic Pickle #1 cover painting by Scott Morse

    Cover painting for Magic Pickle #1 by Scott Morse. Painting is 9" x 13". Published by Oni Press

  • Original art and Pistolwhip graphic novel by Matt Kindt

    Signed copy of Pistolwhip graphic novel, published by Top Shelf Productions, and an original color pin-up by Matt Kindt, with painted color by Darlene Kindt. Pin-up is 11" x 17"

  • Uncle Sam pin-up by Mike MillerDC Comics' Uncle Sam black and white illustration by comics artist Mike Miller. Pin-up is 11" x 17"

  • Betty and Veronica pin-up and signed Archie comics by Dan Parent

    Color marker pin-up illustration of Betty and Veronica by Dan Parent. Pin-up is 11" x 13 ¼". Also includes 5 Sabrina and 4 Betty and Veronica comics signed by Dan Parent.

  • Venom and Hobgolin character designs by Jose GaribaldiMarvel Comics' Venom and Hobgolin animation style drawings by Jose Garibaldi, inked by Bill Halliar. Includes original pencilled and inked versions, a color print out and a CD-ROM with the colored version. Drawings are 11" x 8 ½"

  • Hellspawn #9 comic and original script signed by Steve Niles

    Image Comics' Hellspawn #9 and the original script for the issue signed by writer Steve Niles.

  • Beavis and Butthead color print by Rick Parker

    Handcolored Beavis and Butthead print by Rick Parker. Print is #13 out of #100 and measures 8 ½" x 11".

  • Electric Girl graphic novel, comics and Blammo Doll by Michael BrennanElectric Girl graphic novel, issues #5, #6 and #7 and a Blammo doll. Graphic novel and comics signed by creator Michael Brennan. Published by Mighty Gremlin.

  • Mad Magazine Spy vs. Spy original strip by Peter Kuper

    Mad Magazine Spy vs. Spy original art by Peter Kuper. Art is 19" x 13"

  • House of Secrets comics, script, art, poster and more packHouse of Secrets ­ issues 1-5 and House of Secrets: Façade 1 &2; Memory: A Romance, a series of four story postcards written by Steve Seagle and illustrated by Teddy Kristiansen for Denmark, not available in the U.S.; an official House of Secrets poster; an original color guide from House of Secrets hand colored by Bjarne Hansen; the original script for House of Secrets: Façade #1; and a page of original art from House of Secrets drawn by Kristiansen. All items signed by Steven T. Seagle.

  • Batman and Superman color computer print by Sean Song

    DC Comics' Batman and Superman color computer print by Justice League storyboard artist Sean Song. Print is signed.

  • Felix the Cat doll and comics signed by creators

    16" tall Felix the Cat plush doll by A&A Plush Inc. and four Felix comics signed by publisher Don Oriolo and members of the creative team.

  • 100 Graphic Novels for Public Libraries and The 101 Best Graphic Novels signed

    100 Graphic Novels for Public Libraries and 101 Best Graphic Novels Hardcover both signed by writer Stephen Weiner

  • Limited and Holographic Malibu Ultraverse Comics

    Limited Edition Holographic cover editions of Prototype #1, Hardcase #1, Exiles #1, Ultraforce #1, Mantra #1, Prime #1 and Freex #1-all part of the Malibu Ultraverse line. Donated by Mark Bourne.

Special thanks once again go to all the artists, writers, and publishers who have donated, to the members of Jinxworld and World Famous Comics, GrayHavenMagazine.com, and Komikwerks.com for being our partners in this and really getting this auction going. And, of course, the promotional outlets, retailers, and bidders who have contributed an invaluable service in making sure it's successful.

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