Comics Help auction ends with Bendis and Oeming Event

Official Press Release

After three weeks, the Comics Help auction has uploaded its final items. To round out the charity auction on eBay (all proceeds go to the Red Cross), Oni Press has put five separate lots of items on the block donated by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming.

These items are:

(1) A complete set of Bendis' crime graphic novels-JINX, AKA GOLDFISH, TORSO, and FIRE-signed by the author

(2) The out-of-print original edition of the POWERS: WHO KILLED RETROGIRL? tradepaperback and two different editions of the POWERS: WIZARD ½, all signed by Bendis.

(3) A double-page spread of original artwork by Oeming, from POWERS #11

(4) Two minicomics: the OEMING SKETCHBOOK and BUTT PUPPY SHOW #1 by Oeming and Neil Vokes

(5) A TORSO lot featuring the very rare, out of print hardcover graphic novel, and the TORSO screenplay, both co-written by Brian Bendis and Marc Andreyko. This screenplay is not commercially available.

Though the last of the items were uploaded today, the auction itself will continue into next weekend, so please, keep bidding. Visit the Comics Help eBay page here:

Other new items for today are:

(1) a page of art from ARSENIC LULLABYE by Doug Paszkiewicz, along with a singed comic

(2) a DESERT PEACH painting by Donna Barr

(3) a complete set of the comic book KAFKA, Steven T. Seagle's first comics work, along with a rare promotional poster, and the DHP stories Seagle did with KAFKA artist Stefano Gaudiano, all signed by Seagle

(4) A page from ANGEL & THE APE #4 by artist Philip Bond

Special thanks once again are owed to the people who have helped promote this project and the people who have bid on the items, as well as everyone who donated.

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