Comics Haiku Review Revue!

I wrote this poem.

Five, seven, five syllables.

I haiku. Do you?

(So I bought comics.

I thought I would review them

in haiku. Just 'cause.)

Batman 663:

Not sure what to think.

Cool art, over-the-top prose.

Guess there's two options:

If Bad:

Pretty art, weak prose;

Hey there, God of All Comics!

Don't quit your day job.

If Good:


Joker's a scary mofo.


Casanova #7:

Sex, death, mayhem, joy.

A mite convoluted, though.

Roll on volume two.

Casanova #7 backmatter:

Matt Fraction? You're cool.

You get the writing process.

Sorry for your loss.

Godland #16:


but incomprehensible.

Still-got it for free!

Nextwave #12:

Kick! 'splode! MOBABIES!

Nextwave is love. No. Was love.

Marry me, Warren.

Shazam! Monster Society of Evil #1:

With one magic word-

Shazam! Jeff Smith brings wonder.

Captain Marvel's back.

Thunderbolts #111:

All-out action ish!

Turns out Jack Flag can be cool.

Oh shit! Bazooka!**

**Always use this line

to end your haikus well:

"Oh shit! Bazooka!"

Marvel Comics #1000 Variant Changing After Accidentally Using DC Art

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