10 Comics by Female Authors You Should Be Reading

So many comics, so little females writing them. If you love comics and want to support female authors, we have a diverse list of comics from different platforms that you should be reading. Most comics are current, some are complete. We have some action hero comics, a comedy cartoon, and romance comics.

Our talented female writers write for either DC Comics, Vertigo, Image Comics, Marvel, or write and draw their own comics on WEBTOONS. Each comic is a beautifully crafted story that grabs the reader's attention and never releases them. These women have interesting themes that make the comics relatable and push for diversity. For the comics with the female authors also doing the illustrations have epic color, draw the reader's attention visually, and connect the art to the story.

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10 Ironheart - Eve L. Ewing

Ironheart (a.k.a Riri Williams) is a teenage African-American girl who's a genius. She operates her own lab at M.I.T., and, like her predecessor, Iron Man, fights crime except in a pink iron suit. Riri's character pushes for diversity by being a young woman in a minority group who's a scientist, particularly in engineering.

Eve L. Ewing reintroduces Riri Williams to the Marvel Universe and does it well. Ewing is the perfect writer for Ironheart because she is an African-American woman who's an essayist, poet, and a sociologist with current research out. Both Riri and Ewing have research, smarts, location, and ethnic background in common. The location element is key because Ewing currently lives in Chicago, and Riri's origin story is in Chicago. With that said, Ewing may have used her experience living in Chicago among other influences to illustrate the harsh reality of living in a dangerous place (hence Riri loses her father and best friend to a drive-by shooting).

9 Goddess Mode - Zoë Quinn

DC Vertigo's Goddess Mode is a unique sci-fi magical girl style comic with an advanced utopia and daemons in another realm. Goddess Mode features our main character Cassandra Price, a tech supporter for the godlike A.I., that keep her universe, the Analog, fully operational. Outside of her daily duties, Cassandra teams up with the Tall Poppies, a trio of women that fight daemon in the alternate universe Azoth to keep the world safe.

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Zoë Quinn's storytelling is interesting, a little fun, straightforward, and dark. She's created an all female hero group with diverse background and ethnicities. Besides that, Quinn gives the reader a simple storyline with complex character development that creates an interesting read.

8 Catwoman (2018) - Joëlle Jones

Catwoman's (a.k.a Selina Kyle) solo series is current and ongoing. We don't see our favorite anti-hero in Gotham, but in Villa Hermosa. As far as we know, Selina came to Villa Hermosa for personal business, perhaps for her sister Maggie. Though Selina wants to avoid trouble during her visit, the Creel family and the VHPD, are all over her. The story continues to spiral when Penguin shows up and wants Selina's help in stealing a valuable item, then suddenly kidnaps her. Ah, the suspense!

Joëlle Jones's work is both in the writing and some of the art in Catwoman (2018). She easily blends the storytelling and artwork together for the reader to easily understand what's going on and not get lost. Jones's plot for Selina is full of scandal and secrets, which is invigorating to read. Her art is iconic, vibrant, and sharp. You won't want to take your eyes off the page.

7 Sarah's Scribbles - Sarah Andersen

The cute and relatable cartoon short comic is based on everyday scenarios of being female and a human being in general. Writer and artist Sarah Andersen currently has 151 different Sarah's Scribbles comics for fans to read and view on WEBTOONS.

Her scenarios seem to spur from her own life, feelings, triumphs, and struggles. This derpy cartoon is bound to get you laughing because, you might have had the same thoughts and have been in these scenarios before.

6 Where Tangents Meet - instantmiso

This WEBTOONS comic is a romance story between Landon, a judgmental secret nerd who's famous due to his mother being a model, and Rachelle, a straight-laced student council member who's constantly judged by her peers for her lighthearted personality and "air-headedness." It's a story of perspective, compassion, and a little rebelliousness.

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Where Tangents Meet is a romance story you don't want to miss!

5 SubZero - Junepurrr

SubZero is a feudal era romance story involving war, dragons, and a princess marrying her worst enemy. For our wo main characters we have Princess Clove of the Azure clan and Prince Kyro of the Crimson clan.

Their marriage is set to end the war between the two clans. But will Clove and Kyro be able to get along with each other?

4 Batwoman - Marguerite Bennett

The most beautiful and yet dark DC Comics story featuring a female lead is Batwoman. We journey with Kate Kane from her being kicked out of the military for being a lesbian to her fighting against the Many Arms of Death. She explores some dark trauma and long lost love.

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While Batwoman is quite apart from the rest of the Bat family, fans of the Caped Crusader and even those who aren't should give a look at Marguerite Bennett's Batwoman.

3 Man-Eaters - Chelsea Cain

Coming of age girls, menstruation, and, a wildcat mutation? Man-Eaters by Chelsea Cain is a wild comic where women that menstruate turn into killer wildcats. One girl, Maude, a twelve-year-old, is the hope for the world in the midst of chaos. Need we say more.

2 Lore Olympus - Rachel Smythe

Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus on WEBTOONS turns mythology into a slice of life romance. Hades, King of the Underworld, falls hard for the young and radiant goddess Persephone. Their journey through love is one that is innocent, sweet and heart-wrenching.

Smythe’s webcomic is a tough read for romantics they just want their ship to come together but also because she incorporates sexual trauma and mental health.

1 Let's Play - Mongie

Let’s Play is a cute slice of life romance comic that involves our female lead Sam Young who’s a game developer. After publishing her video game, famous 'Viewtuber' Marshall Law gives her game a bad review, thus turning her high game ranking down to almost zero. Sam thinks that all she has to worry about is her account having a bad review from Marshall, her favorite game critic, she also has to live with him moving into the apartment next door.

MongrelMarie brings human emotional struggle to life with imagery while progressing the plot of Let’s Play. The storytelling has depth, complexity, and comedic relief. Let’s Play on WEBTOONS is the webcomic you don’t want to put down.

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