Comics fans and pros share #MyFirstComic

On Wednesday afternoon, CBR asked its Twitter followers a simple question -- what was your first comic book?

It's #NewComicsWednesday, but we want to know what your FIRST comic was. Let us know using #myfirstcomic

— Comic Book Resources (@CBR) March 18, 2015

The hashtag #MyFirstComic -- which has been used in the past by comics artist Mike Norton, among others -- quickly gained traction, trending nationwide, with many comic book pros and fans joining in. Here are some highlights from among comics creators and industry professionals, and peruse #MyFirstComic on Twitter for much more.

— Dan Slott (@DanSlott) March 18, 2015

— Scott Allie (@ScottAllie) March 19, 2015

— Jennifer de Guzman (@Jennifer_deG) March 19, 2015

— John Cassaday (@JohnCassaday) March 19, 2015

FF #178: #MyFirstComic -- a total honor to be working with @perezartist nowadays! pic.twitter.com/CQL81x9CKv

— Ross Richie (@rossrichie) March 18, 2015

— Dan Jurgens (@thedanjurgens) March 19, 2015

— Brian Lynch (@BrianLynch) March 19, 2015

I genuinely don't recall what #MyFirstComic was, but this is the first one I remember buying with my own money. pic.twitter.com/4yEGxO6kbv

— Roger Langridge (@hotelfred) March 19, 2015

— Steve Lieber (@steve_lieber) March 19, 2015

— J.T. Krul (@jtkrul) March 19, 2015

— Mark Paniccia (@MarkPaniccia) March 19, 2015

Little different answer to #MyFirstComic each time (learned to read w/ comics) but these go back far as I can recall: pic.twitter.com/19KvRAekPb

— Patch Zircher (@PatrickZircher) March 19, 2015

Hard to specify what was #MyFirstComic, but here are two contenders: pic.twitter.com/I1Aku6g0TM

— Rachel Gluckstern (@rgluckst) March 19, 2015

I honestly don't know how u guys definitively remember your first comic. I was like 4. I *think* #MyFirstComic was... pic.twitter.com/YNrHdqt9Ix

— Mitch Gerads (@MitchGerads) March 19, 2015

— James Asmus (@JamesAsmus) March 19, 2015

— Tony S Daniel (@TonyDanielx2) March 19, 2015

— Todd Nauck (@ToddNauck) March 19, 2015

— Jose Marzan Jr. (@JoseMarzan) March 19, 2015

CBR staffers and contributors got in on the fun as well:

.@CBR #MyFirstComic — that I spent my own money on — was Superman 422 from 1986. pic.twitter.com/zVTydVuctL

— Jonah Weiland (@jonahweiland) March 18, 2015

— Albert Ching (@albertxii) March 18, 2015

.@CBR Pretty sure #MyFirstComic was GIJoe 119 pic.twitter.com/jlYdxEuP7I

— Brett White (@brettwhite) March 18, 2015

#MyFirstComic was Morrison & Quietly's "New X-Men" #126... which was fascinating, confusing, and a little terrifying all at once.

— Meagan Damore (@metathor) March 18, 2015

.@cbr "Marvel Comics Presents" #92 with this crazy Wolverine cover by Sam Kieth. #myfirstcomic pic.twitter.com/C19GFzTNf3

— Rob Levin (@roblevin) March 18, 2015

— Amy Ratcliffe (@amy_geek) March 19, 2015

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