Comics Experience Welcomes Klaus Janson, Sean Chen, Fabian Niceza

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Due to increased demand, Andy Schmidt, former X-MEN editor and owner of COMICS EXPERIENCE WITH ANDY SCHMIDT, has added a new round of introductory courses for Comics Writing and Comic Book Art. And this time, Schmidt has roped in three incredible talents.

Specifically designed for the comics industry, these courses cover the fundamentals of art and writing along with how to apply them directly to the comic field. If you're a fan who wants to dabble at writing or art, if you wonder what the business is like, or if you aim to become a pro, Comics Experience's are for you--there's no better place to learn about the comics craft, industry, and market.

"I was floored by the demand for the first two introductory courses. We sold out and I kept getting emails and phone calls from people wanting more. I didn't intend to offer the intro courses again before the Advanced Classes started, but we're thrilled by the interest and happy to accommodate," said Schmidt.

In keeping with Schmidt's original discussions about how he designed the courses and why he reaches out to the guest speakers that he does, once again, Schmidt has lined up artists and writers who he would want to learn from himself. "If I don't think the guest speakers have much to offer me, the course's instructor, then I don't book them. That's my test."

"Having Klaus Janson on board is a particularly huge deal for me and for COMICS EXPERIENCE." This is the guy who came into Marvel Comics and has taught editor training schools and continues to teach at New York's School for Visual Arts. He's not only a master story teller himself, but he's also a heck of a teacher...um, did I mention his runs on DAREDEVIL and BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS?"

Sean Chen's guest appearance came about through recent conversations that he and Schmidt had about approaching art and storytelling. Schmidt says, "Sean presented some very cool ideas to me and I thought they were the kinds of things that my students would appreciate hearing and should hear. He's a huge talent and has a great head on his shoulders, as can be seen from his incredible work on IRON MAN, WOLVERINE, X-MEN: THE END, and now DC Comics's SALVATION RUN."

Fabian Nicieza has had an extensive career as both a comic writer and editor for over 20 years, co-creating CABLE and X-FORCE as well as long writing runs on several projects like X-MEN (Nicieza was instrumental on both the "Fatal Attractions" and "Age of Apocalypse" story lines) and THUNDERBOLTS. He's still active in writing mainstream comics, currently writing NIGHTWING at DC Comics. COMICS EXPERIENCE is thrilled to have him come in to talk with the writing class.

For those interested in learning how to write or illustrate comics, or just learn about the process in general, COMICS EXPERIENCE WITH ANDY SCHMIDT offers in-depth and fun courses for both.

You can visit the COMICS EXPERIENCE website at www.comicsexperience.com for more information and to read testimonials from both creators and former students. INTRODUCTION TO COMIC BOOK ART starts Monday, January 7th and INTRODUCTION TO COMICS WRITING begins Tuesday, January 8th. Both courses are held in Manhattan and begin at 7:00pm. They meet once a week each, and last for six weeks.

To go directly to the courses and seminars page of the website, where you can register for classes, visit www.comicsexperience.com/seminars. If you have any questions, you can also email info@comicsexperience.com for more information.

"I love teaching the courses and I love watching people succeed," Schmidt says. "It's great to be a part of helping other people out as well as being a part of something that no one else is doing. We only launched about two months ago, but if the initial response has been any indication, COMICS EXPERIENCE will be around for a long time to come. I'm very grateful to all the guest speakers and supporters throughout the comics community and, of course, to the students themselves. Now let's go make some comics!"

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