Comic Book Community Responds to the Passing of Norm Breyfogle

It was announced earlier today that famed Batman artist Norm Breyfogle had passed away over the weekend. Breyfogle was best known for the six years he spent dedicated to drawing the character Batman at DC Comics, and the years after when he would go on to intermittently reprise his role illustrating the Dark Knight while also helming his own projects.

Breyfogle was also known for his six-issue creator-owned work Metaphysique, which combines elements of virtual reality, the mystical and the superhero genre. Also of note is Breyfogle's entry in Malibu Comics' Ultraverse line, Prime, which focused on a teenage boy who could turn into an adult superhero.

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While the details the Breyfogle's death are being kept private for the moment, the artist did suffer a stroke in 2015. Breyfogle subsequently created a crowdfunding campaign to help him pay for his medical costs, an amount totaling roughly $200,000. The nonprofit Hero Initiative helps comic book creators, many of whom work as uninsured freelancers, to pay for such medical fees in times of crisis.

As a veteran of the comic book industry, Breyfogle had the opportunity to meet and befriend many other creators. Today, many of those creators took to Twitter to share their condolences, grief and fond memories in light of the artist's passing. Here is how the comic book industry remembers Norm Breyfogle, one of their own:

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