Comics Community Reacts to DC's Executive Three

Naming Dan Didio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns to executive posts at DC Comics? Well, it certainly is the quickest way to get people talking. While the internet is doubtlessly abuzz with blogs, Tweets, chats and columns about what the new DC Co-Publishers and Chief Creative Officer hold in store for the industry anchor, CBR will be gathering the responses from the biggest names in the industry on how DC's new executives will change the business of comics from editorial to creative to retail. Check back as the day rolls on for constant updates from the comics community!

J. Michael Straczynski, writer "Brave and the Bold," "Superman: Earth One," creator "Babylon 5"

"This is a huge story, and really marks a massive sea change at DC. It's the first substantial change since Paul Levitz was given the big chair, and that's quite a long run. I think it'll lead to a much tighter integration between the film and publishing divisions, and even more creative risk-taking. Dan and Jim and Geoff are very creator-friendly, so I think this will herald a new silver age at DC."

Jon Goldwater, Co-CEO of Archie Comics

"Archie is thrilled with the job that DC has done with our Red Circle Super Heroes and couldn't be happier that Dan and Jim have been appointed Co-Publishers. We look forward to continuing the great relationship Archie enjoys with DC under Dan and Jim's leadership."

Gahl Buslov, Owner/Buyer Midtown Comics, NYC

"While seeing Dan, Jim, and Geoff's names in the announcement came as no real surprise, the arrangement/partnership nature of it certainly does! We couldn't be happier! Having worked and interacted with all three, we know they'll bring great creative leadership to DC. Bringing in "outside help" in the person of John Rood and spotlighting formerly behinds-the-scene guy Patrick Caldon should prove interesting as well. They'll be able to think more outside the box, to the betterment of DC and the industry as a whole. That's certainly the way it worked out with Dan!"

Jud Meyers, co-owner Earth-2 Comics

"This is an exciting and savvy move for DC to make. They've handed the reins to the insiders. More importantly, the artists. The guys building the trains are being allowed to run them. Meaning we're all in for a great ride!"

Mike Richardson, Publisher, Dark Horse Comics

"Jim, Dan, and Geoff are terrific creators with long and successful careers in the comics industry. We wish them all the best of luck."

Kurt Busiek (writer of "Trinity," "Astro City," "JLA/Avengers" and more)

"I've been saying all along that Paul Levitz stepping down was the biggest comics story of last year, because of the massive changes it'd inevitably bring. Now Dan, Jim and Geoff get to be the guys who makes them -- they're all highly creative, committed guys, knowledgeable and passionate about comics and about DC, and it'll be fascinating to see what their vision is for DC as a universe and a company, and where they take it."

Brad Meltzer (writer of "Justice League of America" and "Identity Crisis")

"As a fan, as a reader, as a TV and movie watcher who loves these heroes and their mythologies, let me say it as enthusiastically as I can: I haven't been this excited since I was eight years old and reading my first issue of Justice League."

Jimmy Palmiotti (writer of "Jonah Hex" and longtime friend of Dan Didio)

"This announcement is fantastic on so many levels. These three guys know and love these characters more than practically anyone out there and have enough experience between them to really take the company and its publishing leaps and bounds into a brighter future. On a personal level, I couldn't be happier for them...all three are really good guys ...and this just proves that good things happen to good people. These are exciting times."

Jeph Loeb (writer of Marvel's "Hulk" and former studio mate to Geoff Johns)

"It's great news for DC and for comics in general. Geoff, Jim and Dan are largely responsible for the success DC has had and I'm excited as a fan and as a friend to see where they will take the company from here."

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