Comics come to the BlackBerry

Sure, the BlackBerry is great for making calls and getting e-mail, but until recently it has had a major flaw: Not much in the way of comics.

Now IDW is bringing comics to the BlackBerry App World, starting with their top-selling Star Trek: Countdown and rolling out a new comic each week, with the lineup slated to include Transformers and GI Joe.

According to Jeff Webber, IDW's Director of ePublishing, each app will contain an entire series, and readers will be able to sample a story before they buy. The Star Trek: Countdown app checks in at 345 pages for $4.99, which is not a bad deal. They do seem to be going the route of having each comic be a separate app. But wait, there's more:

Proud to be the first major publisher of comics available to BlackBerry users, IDW's applications fully leverage the capabilities of BlackBerry devices to deliver the highest quality user experience. Each IDW comic features panel-by-panel viewing and scroll bar navigation, plus built-in news feeds that bring fans all the latest IDW news and updates.

Although a flood of comics apps have been released for the iPhone, iPad, and Droid, and comics are often among the top-selling apps in the iTunes store, developers have not paid as much attention to the BlackBerry. There is a version of the ComiXology Comics reader for the BlackBerry, along with a handful of horror comics from Carnival, but aside from that, offerings have been sparse, so IDW should have a large pool of potential readers who have BlackBerrys for work but haven't been able to read their favorite comics on the small screen.

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