Comics Buyer's Guide goes monthly in June

Official Press Release

The longest-running magazine about comic books, Comics Buyer's Guide, gets anew look for a new generation this June, designed to meet 21st century needsand catch the attention of the comics buff.

Issue #1595, shipping in June, brings the first installment of the monthlyslick Comics Buyer's Guide magazine. New features include:

* 244 squarebound pages with a five-color heavy-stock cover each month

* Full-color features up front

* Feature articles on media projects with ties to what was, what is, andwhat will excite readers

* The largest monthly price guide in comics, reporting prices basedexclusively on actual transactions (an industry innovation that began inCBG's annual 1,500-page Standard Catalog of Comic Books)

* Expanded coverage of anime, manga, and other comics-related collectibles

* More than 100 reviews of current and upcoming comics, more than any othermonthly publication

Also, every issue of CBG will include such existing favorites as comics'most inclusive convention and creator appearance calendars. And, of course,opinions galore from CBG's existing (and expanding) roster of celebritycolumnists.

"From its bimonthly beginning in 1971," CBG Editor Maggie Thompson said,"Comics Buyer's Guide has changed its frequency several times. But, untilnow, it has always been a tabloid on newsprint. Now, at last, we'll be ableto simultaneously focus in detail on new topics and convey what's so greatabout the classic material, all in the same issue."

Contents will be loaded with facts, figures, and fun - with a $5.99 coverprice in a package designed to captivate both the longtime fan and thecasual shopper.

Comics Buyer's Guide is published by Krause Publications, a wholly ownedsubsidiary of F+W Publications, Inc., of Cincinnati, Ohio. Headquartered inIola, Wis., since 1952, Krause Publications is the world's largest hobby andcollectibles publisher of periodicals and books, ranging from antiques tosuch topics as crafts, collectibles, fishing, and construction. The firmruns 10 hobby shows and publishes more than 40 periodicals and 750 bookswith the latest news, expert advice, and buying and selling opportunitiesconcerning hobby and collecting specialties.

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