Comics artists draw their favorite comic creators

Over the past few years numerous artists have banded together to form blogs with creative challenges, allowing them quick creative exercises as a break from their day-to-day work. And a recent challenge by the artists over at the What Not blog has really kicked it up a notch and shown tribute to their fellow comics creators.

The challenge? Draw your favorite comic book artist.

Among the entries so far have been some amazing ones, from Francesco Francavilla's Moebius, Mark Chiarello's Alex Toth, Dave Johnson's Brian Azzarello, Jock's Dom Reardon, Cameron Stewart's Naoki Urasawa and Andrew Robinson's stunning Walt Simonson portrait seen at right.

"So many artists to choose from," says Robinson in his blog post," but there's one comic book artist I've loved since I was a kid and I have never outgrown his work. In 1983 Walt Simonson defined graphic novels for me with Star Slammers. It's a Marvel Graphic Novel, #6. If you haven't seen it you must check it out. It's incredible. Walt has such an energy to his drawings and such a great sense of design. I've been learning from him for years. So here's to you Walt Simonson. Thanks."

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