Comics artist Dan Panosian branches out to .... litter boxes?

We've seen comic creators jump into a variety of mediums, from television and film to magazines and package design. But never have we seen this: The Litterfish.

It's a post-modern-looking litter box designed as a protected space for a cat to do its business, and it doubles as a piece of furniture art. Comics creator Dan Panosian designed this for IOVO Designs, an upscale designer of pet products he recently launched with photographer Robert Brinkmann.

"Litterfish represents a new approach to cat litter box design," explains Litterfish's website. "Instead of the ugly plastic contraptions, which can be found in pet stores, IOVO designs has developed an equally utilitarian but very attractive litter box, which is no longer an eyesore."

Using a Kickstarter-like approach, Panosian and Brinkmann are looking for 1,000 pre-orders (at a cost of $159 each). If they reach that goal, they will produce the Litterfish for all those that pre-order. If worse comes to worse and Litterfish doesn't reach its 1,000 pre-order goal, IOVA will refund all money.

I spoke briefly with Panosian, who assured me that while he had a lot of fun doing this he has no plans to leave comics for a career in cat products.

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