Comics AM - Rebellion Acquires Fleetway, IPC Youth Archives

Publishing | The UK publisher Rebellion, which publishes "2000AD" and "Judge Dredd," has purchased a treasure trove of British comics of the 1970s and 1980s, the archives of Fleetway and IPC Youth group. The titles involved include action and adventure tales such as "Roy of the Rovers" and "Charley's War" as well as girls' comics such as "Tammy," "Jinty," and the much-beloved "Misty." [ICv2]

Graphic Novels | This weekend, filmmaker Stan Jackubowicz will launch his graphic novel "Isra & Lito," inspired by the life—and death—of street artist Israel "Reefa" Hernandez, who died after being tasered by police who caught him working on his art. Jackubowicz made a documentary about Reefa and an investigative piece on the police's use of tasers, but he said, "I didn't feel that the story was done. It was still in my heart." So he met with Reefa's parents and produced the graphic novel, which evolved from an outpouring of rage to a story of hope. [Miami New Times]

Comics | Faculty and recent graduates of the Center for Cartoon Studies talk about their most recent collaboration, "When I Returned," a collection of personal accounts by veterans of their experiences. Veteran Kevin Willey also discusses the experience of meeting the cartoonists and having them turn a traumatic incident from his time in the service into a graphic story. [Boston Globe]

Publishing | Nicole Audrey Spector takes a well-rounded look at the world of self-published comics, talking to creators about why they do it and also looking at the challenges of distribution and monetization. [Publishers Weekly]

Comics | "Maus" creator Art Spiegelman picks a handful of one-page comics he feels qualify as graphic novels. [New Yorker]

Comics | Lauren Young resurrects Couldon Waugh's cartoon map of Greenwich Village in the 1920s and pulls out some of the more delightful details. [Atlas Obscura]

Creators | I spoke to manga-ka Tsutomu Nihei about the evolution of his sci-fi manga, focusing mostly on "Knights of Sidonia." [Barnes and Noble Sci-Fi/Fantasy Blog]

Manga | American comics creator Caleb Goellner details his experience tabling at Comiket, Japan's huge doujinshi (fan comic) convention. [Mermaid Evolution]

Conventions | Allison Bourg looks at the impact of Baltimore Comic Con on the local economy, although she doesn't cite any hard numbers other than the convention attendance of 40,000. [WMAR]

Retailing | Kyle Hearn opened up Dire Wolf Comics in Howell, Michigan, on August 19, with plans to carry comics for adults and children as well as a mix of collectibles, and to hold comics classes and "Coffee and a Comic" events at the store. [Detroit Free Press]

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