Comics A.M. | Zunar speaks against 'cartoon' government

Creators | "This is really a government of the cartoon, for the cartoon and by the cartoon," Malaysian cartoonist Zunar said in an interview following the police raid on his Kuala Lumpur office. Zunar was in London at the time of the raid but expects to be summoned to the police station on his return to face charges under the Printing Presses Act, Sedition Act and Penal Code. “Why are the police involved in this?" he said. "If it is true I have defamed certain people, why not filed a civil suit? The government condemned Charlie Hebdo's attacker but now they are ‘attacking’ me." He also sent out some photos of the raid. [Malaysian Digest]

Freedom of Speech | Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch Asia, called the raid Zunar's office "shocking and outrageous" and demanded the government to return the confiscated books and drop all charges against him. [The Malaysian Insider]

Awards | The Ecuadorian cartoonist Xavier Bonilla (Bonil) has been shortlisted for the 2015 Freedom of Expression Awards, which recognize journalists, artists and other advocates for free speech. [Index on Censorship]

Publishing | Former Archie Comics editor Suzannah Rowntree, who developed the Jinx graphic novel and was features editor on Life with Archie, has moved to Papercutz, where she will be an associate editor. Rowntree was also the editor of the Womanthology comics anthology. [ICv2]

Creators | Scott McCloud talks about the theory of comics and about his new graphic novel, The Sculptor. [Vox]

Creators | Writer Lauren Beukes discusses the importance Wonder Woman has had in her own life and how she approached the story she wrote for the Wonder Woman '77 series: "I wanted to do a uniquely South African take on Wonder Woman that was also a story I could read to my six-year-old daughter. It’s about the power of the imagination and our own innate heroism. My six year old is my hero and she’s brave and smart and funny. Oh and she LOVES Greek mythology, so Circe and Medusa were a must-have." [Crave Online]

Creators | Whit Taylor interviews Chuck Forsman about his new comic Revenger, his creative process, and his experiences as publisher of Oily Comics. [Panel Patter]

Creators | In a video interview, independent creator Bruce O. Hughes discusses his technique and the many uses of comics. [WOSU]

History | Eric Kwakkel looks at a 700-year-old comic book (well, maybe) and discusses the use of speech bubbles in Medieval art. (Via Sean Kleefeld.) [medievalbooks]

Festivals | Zainab Akhtar rounds up some updates on U.K. comics festivals ELCAF, Lineworks and Thought Bubble. [Comics & Cola]

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