Comics A.M. | WonderCon attendance likely surpasses 39,000

Conventions | Although final figures aren't yet available, WonderCon organizers confirm attendance likely surpassed the 39,000 fans who came to last year's convention. [Publishers Weekly]

Publishing | On his always-interesting new blog, Jim Shooter reminisces about the genesis of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: "We went through a number of ideas for names for the toy line and series. Mattel’s focus group tests indicated that kids reacted positively to the words 'wars' and 'secret.' Okay." [Jim Shooter]

Publishing | Longtime print broker Chikara Entertainment, which also offered book packaging and consulting services, has closed. [ICv2.com]

Retailing | Sarah Cohen provides a snapshot of South Florida comic stores struggling amid a weak economy and a changing marketplace. Some retailers have changed their strategies by diversifying their merchandise, holding events and reaching out to customers via the Internet. Others, however, prefer to do business the way they always have. “Making events and using social networking is pushy,” says Jorge Perez, owner of A&M Comics and Books in Miami. “It might help business, but then you would be on the computer all day doing stuff like that.” A&M, the oldest comic store in Florida one of the oldest in the nation, has seen business drop by about 40 percent since 2008. [Miami Herald]

Retailing | Jamie Dirom briefly profiles Michael Bower, owner of the 17-year-old Phoenix Comics in Calgary: "I think part of the reason for the success of the business is being willing to admit when things aren't working, and changing. That's how a lot of businesses go out. They keep trying to do the same thing that's not working over and over until they're gone." [Calgary Herald]

Retailing | The Fort Collins, Colorado, newspaper spotlights 19-year-old Nathan Tigges, who opened New Genesis Comics last month with his 18-year-old friend Andy Ricciardi. [The Coloradoan]

Creators | Geoff Boucher profiles 72-year-old artist Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, who discusses his career, his failing eyesight, and his influence: "Someone wrote, ‘Moebius is a legendary artist.’ I put a frame around me. A legend — now I am like a unicorn.” [Hero Complex]

Creators | Gene Yang has joined the faculty of Hamline University's MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults program. [The Cool Kids Table]

Creators | Dan Parent talks about the upcoming Archie Comics miniseries starring Kevin Keller, Riverdale's first openly gay resident. [The Associated Press]

Creators | Tiny Titans artist Art Baltazar is the subject of a longish profile in his local newspaper. [Daily Herald]

Creators | Tyler Crook chats about following Guy Davis as artist on B.P.R.D.: "Coming after a dude like Guy Davis is rough. He put such a strong stamp on the B.P.R.D. world that it's hard to tell sometimes what parts are just Guy's style and what parts are really part of the world. But my goal is not really to fill Guy's shoes. I'm not going to be doing a Guy Davis impersonation. Instead, I'm trying to bring my own energy and my love of the material and see if I can bring something different and good to the world. Working with Mike and everyone else has been awesome in this regard. They've encouraged me to just do my thing. And I'm trying my damnedest to do it to the best of my ability." [Bloody Disgusting]

Comics | Todd Allen spotlights nine titles selling fewer than 20,000 copies that he thinks deserve more attention. [Indignant Online]

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