Comics A.M. | Winter pours cold water on comics' hot streak

Comics sales | ICv2 unpacks February's miserable direct market sales numbers a bit, noting that for the second month in a row just one comic -- in this case, Batman #28 -- sold more than 100,000 copies, indicating weakness at the top of the list. Since September 2011, when the most recent "growth spurt" began, at least two comics have sold more than 100,000 copies each month; however, that streak ended with the first two months of 2014. One cause of the poor sales may be the unusually cold winter, which meant higher heating bills and thus less disposable income for some folks. ICv2 also has a separate analysis of dollar sales and the charts of the top 300 comics and graphic novels of the month. [ICv2]

Creators | Writer Ales Kot discusses his Image Comics series Zero and his aversion to glorifying murder and violence, which extends to his superhero work, where he insists on including the consequences of violent acts: "Good case in point is something that I recently mentioned to Marvel, which is that we’ll be dealing with PTSD a bit in terms of one of the characters I’m working on, because there’s no way certain things that you would do would not have an effect on you." [Hero Complex]

Creators | TV and radio host Jonathan Ross talks about how he got his start writing comics (he sent some ideas and cover designs to Mark Millar, who told him to go for it) and about his new Image title Revenge: "As I grow older and slightly more grotesque, I find other grotesque people more interesting. I told Ian [Churchill, the artist] that [the character Griffin Franks] had to be gnarled, old and weird-looking like an old tree with more veins and droopy bits." [International Business Times]

Creators | Mike Dawson, creator of Troop 147 and the soon-to-be-published Angie Bongiolatti, discusses making time to work, how time constraints affect his style, and the temptations of social media. [Comics Workbook]

Creators | Michael Cavna interviews Lalo Alcaraz, creator of the Latino-themed political comic strip La Cucaracha, who was featured Sunday night on The Art of: Comics on the Ovation channel. [Comic Riffs]

Creators | Steve Morris talks to Lela Gwenn about her goblin story Born Dark and her Kickstarter strategy: She plans to use Kickstarter to fund a prologue issue she will then take to publishers to pitch the entire six-issue miniseries. [The Beat]

Comics | Alan Yu takes a look at The Charlton Arrow, the fan-driven homage to the old Charlton comics, and talks to some of the people behind it. [WNPR News]

Translation | Justin Stroman talks to a raft of manga translators about how they got into the field, what misconceptions they had before they started working in manga, and what the most important aspects of their jobs are. [Organization Anti-Social Geniuses]

Awards | Level Up creator Thien Pham was the special guest at the awards ceremony for Diablo Valley College's James O'Keefe Prize for graphic literature. Yes, the Pleasant Valley, California, college has its own award for student comics, with categories like the Alison Bechdel Award for best autobiographical comic and the Please Get It Done Award for unfinished work. The awards are named for an English professor who created a course on graphic novels as literature. [The Inquirer]

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