Comics A.M. | Weak April for graphic novels in bookstores

Graphic novels | April was a slow month for new graphic novel releases, so the BookScan Top 20 had plenty of room for some backlist titles. The Walking Dead dominated, of course, but the 10th volume of Sailor Moon was there for a second month and actually moved up a notch. And the first volume of Saga came in at No. 12, perhaps because people were curious as to what all the fuss is about. [ICv2]

Editorial cartoons | Nick Anderson, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for the Houston Chronicle, has responded to Texas Gov. Rick Perry's criticism of Jack Ohman's cartoon with a cartoon of his own. [Comic Riffs]

Conventions | Jeff Smith, Brian Wood, Sean Murphy and Raina Telgemeier are the headline guests at the Maine Comics Arts Festival in Portland on May 19. [Foster's Daily Democrat]

Creators | Co-writers Gerard Way and Shaun Simon discuss their new miniseries The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, which will be previewed Saturday as part of Dark Horse's Free Comic Book Day offering. [USA Today]

Creators | Lunch Lady creator Jarrett Krosoczka discusses his difficult childhood, the TED Talk he gave that has inspired so many teachers, and why he has declared Friday, May 3, School Lunch Superhero Day. [The Boston Globe]

Creators | Alex Ross talks about the art he is doing for the game Watch_Dogs, which is set in Chicago, and the connections between comics and games. [Forbes]

Creators | Shelf Awareness asked Paul Pope a couple of questions, and he answered with a comic. [Shelf Awareness]

Creators | Kelly Yates, who draws Doctor Who comics for IDW Publishing, has come up with some of his own comics on the side. [Yes! Weekly]

Criticism | Ken Parille argues that America's greatest comic book critic is... Fredric Wertham? He takes a wry look at Wertham's methodology and then mines his work for topics other critics could find useful. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Professional wrestler Rob Van Dam has signed with Hound Comics to publish a graphic novel, RVD's Twisted Perception - Soldiers of Karma. [Wrestle Zone]

Marvel's Spider-Man: Velocity #3

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