Comics A.M. | Watterson & Thompson discuss their art exhibit

Creators | Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson and Cul de Sac cartoonist Richard Thompson discuss their mutual admiration and their excitement about exhibiting their work together next spring at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum at the Ohio State University. [Comic Riffs]

Legal | Chinese cartoonist Wang Luming, who uses the nom de plume "Rebel Pepper," was arrested Wednesday, one day after he posted an online cartoon critical of police who were facing off with protestors rather than helping flood victims in the city of Yuyao. Residents have been critical of the government response to the flood, which put 70 percent of the city underwater, but a recently passed law suppressing online commentary has muted the criticism on social media. The Beijing Times (part of of the traditional media, which is heavily controlled by the Chinese government) claimed that Wang was arrested not because of the cartoon but because he spread a false rumor online (Reuters reports the police told his girlfriend it was because he forwarded a post about a woman and her child who starved to death in the floods). He was released Thursday and tweeted, "When I have time, I'll tell you about the interesting night I spent at the police station." [Foreign Policy]

Creators | Musician Jonathan Coulton talks about Code Monkey Save World, the comic based on his songs that began with a Twitter exchange with writer Greg Pak. The first issue came out this week on Monkeybrain. [Comicbook.com]

Creators | Rapper Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels talks about his graphic novel DMC, which is due out in January: "The worse thing you can do when you do a “hip-hop” comic book is have everybody breakdancing, rapping and doing graffiti. But the DMC superhero isn’t a rapping superhero. In the world that we are in right now, Darryl McDaniels is the King of Rock who is a member of Run-D.M.C. But in an alternate universe Darryl McDaniels is not an MC from Run-D.M.C. The thinking is, what if he was really a superhero?" [Vibe]

Creators | In an interview in French, Jaime Hernandez talks to Xavier Guilbert about his work and his working relationship with his brother Gilbert. [du9]

Creators | Paul Gravett interviews Enki Bilal. [Paul Gravett]

Comics | IDW Publishing editor John Barber talks about his company's plan to put its Transformers: Dark Cybertron comics in with select releases of the toy line. [Graphic Policy]

Comics | Kelli B. Grant takes a look at the use of comics in the classroom, starting with the "Comics and the Common Core" panel at New York Comic Con but also doing some additional research. [CNBC]

Lettering | Todd Klein looks at the lettering done by Jim and Margaret Wroten for the early Wonder Woman comics and later for EC; they used a Leroy tool that gave their lettering a mechanical look even though it was done by hand. [Todd's Blog]

Retailing | The Palm Beach, Florida, comics shop Past Present Future Comics will celebrate its 30th anniversary this weekend. [The Palm Beach Post]

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