Comics A.M. | Wally Wood estate sues Tatjana Wood over art

Legal | The Wally Wood estate has sued Tatjana Wood, ex-wife of the late cartoonist, claiming she's in possession of 150 to 200 pages of his art erroneously sent to her address in 2005 by Marvel. The couple were married in 1950 but divorced in the 1960s; Tatjana later worked extensively as a colorist for DC Comics. Wally committed suicide in 1981, leaving "all bank accounts, whether savings, checking, Certificates of Deposit, or otherwise" to Tatjana, and everything else to his estate, supervised by John H. Robinson. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | "I'm an acquired taste," says Howard Chaykin, who was speaking to the press in advance of this weekend's Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival. He talks about working for small publishers, his unhappiness with the licensed Star Wars comics he did for Marvel, and the current trend of movies based on comics: "It’s really just a matter of the guys who beat us up in high school finally figuring out a way to make money off our asses." [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

Creators | Sandy Jarrell was working full-time in a bookstore when his old college classmate Jeff Parker asked him to be the artist for Meteor Men, which has just been released by Oni Press. Now the two have collaborated on several Batman 66 stories and a Howtoons comic as well. [Charlotte News & Observer]

Creators | In a podcast interview, Darryl Cunningham, whose Supercrash  is due out this week in the United Kingdom, talks about creativity, research and another economic disaster, the comics crash of the 1990s. Abrams will publish the book in the spring under the title The Age of Selfishness.  [Make It Then Tell Everybody]

Creators | Hip Hop Family Tree creator Ed Piskor talks hip-hop and nonfiction comics. [Vice]

Creators | Writer, editor and critic Danny Fingeroth, who also puts together panels and programs for the Wizard World conventions, talks about his work; what caught my eye is that he's collaborating with Rick Geary on a graphic biography of Jack Ruby. [Comicbook.com]

Creators | Howard Shapiro was bad at hockey, but he learned a lot just by playing, and some of that went into his latest graphic novel, The Hockey Saint. [NHL.com]

Comics | Alex McClintock talks with graphic novelist Samit Basu about the rise of the Indian comics industry and the way it's diversifying.  [ABC]

Conventions | A number of cast members from the original Star Trek will be guests this weekend at Rhode Island Comic Con. [Providence Journal]

Retailing | Reporter Nicole Smith gets some interesting background on the Geneseo, New York, comics shop that went from "Joe's Comics and Video Games" to "AuctionIT4Cash.com" to its newest incarnation, "Legion of Comics." General manager Soren Thomas says the store is moving from a mix of games and comics to strictly comics and graphic novels. [The Lamron]

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