Comics A.M. | Viz to bring popular 'One-Punch Man' to print

Manga | Viz Media announced Friday it will publish a print edition of One-Punch Man, which managed to garner an Eisner nomination in its digital-only format. Zainab Akhtar provides some background on the book and reproduces a review by David Brothers. [Comics and Cola]

Conventions | Scott Eric Kaufman follows Devin Pike, one of the organizers of Dallas Comic Con, throughout the three-day event and gets a good look at what goes on behind the scenes: "As I witnessed these lines [of fans] snakes down corridors and spill into causeways, they began to seem like a physical manifestation of the passion fans have invested in these individuals and the iconic characters they’ve played, and it’s up to people like Devin to ensure that that passion is rewarded with an experience that is, if not equal to it, at least a reflection of it." [Salon]

Conventions | John Wenzel and Joanne Ostrow look at diversity in comics, starting with Denver Comic Con and its all-male "Women in Comics: Creators and Characters" panel but then opening out to a wider view of the other activities at the con and then to a broader look at diversity in other sectors of the entertainment industry. [The Denver Post]

Political cartoons | In an appearance in the Ukraine, cartoonist Daryl Cagle admits that U.S. cartoonists don't have a lot of handy symbols for that country's people and politics. [Kyiv Post]

Creators | In a video interview recorded in his studio, Dave Gibbons talks about Watchmen and The Secret Service. [IGN]

Creators | Brian Fies discusses his latest work, The Last Mechanical Monster, in a podcast interview. [Tall Tale Radio]

Creators | Pat Moriarty, who got his start in the Minneapolis punk rock scene and then was art director for Fantagraphics for a while before becoming an independent creator, talks about music, art, life, and his hopes and fears. [Blues.gr]

Creators | Paul Allor talks Strange Nation. [Women Write About Comics]

Websites | John Freeman takes a look at the relative traffic rankings of different U.K. comics websites, both publisher sites and blogs. He also gives a brief description of each, making this a useful resource for those interested in the U.K. comics scene. [Down the Tubes]

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