Comics A.M. | U.K. political cartoonist Leon Kuhn passes away

Passings | Chris Bird pens an obituary for Leon Kuhn, a British cartoonist who was active in socialist and progressive causes and whose work appeared regularly in the Morning Star as well as in The Big Book of Bureaucrats. He often marched in demonstrations carrying placards of his cartoons. Kuhn died last week at age 59; the sole news article about his death simply says he "died under a train" at a London subway station and that the death is not being treated as suspicious. [Counterfire]

Manga | ICV2 rounds up Viz Media's announcements for the beginning of 2014, including three new series. [ICv2]

Creators | Jonathan Hickman and Tom Brevoort talk about Avengers #24.NOW, which kicks off the All-New Marvel NOW initiative. [USA Today]

Creators | Mark Buckingham and his co-writer Toby Litt discuss Vertigo's revival of Dead Boy Detectives, which debuts Dec. 31. [USA Today]

Creators | R.C. Harvey takes a look back at George Baker and his chronicle of enlisted life in World War II, The Sad Sack. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Kasia Hall profiles artist Alan Clark, who draws comics about the news at his website The Daily Earth. [Orange County Register]

Creators | Lorraine Williams chronicled small-town life in her cartoon You Know You're in a Small Town When..., but she gave that up during her struggle with cancer five years ago. Now she is coming back with a cartoon with a tighter focus: Life in the town of Homer, Alaska, where she lives: “This time, I’m going to incorporate situations that are uniquely Homer,” she said. “The way we dress, the lack of light, tourism, fishing of course.” [Homer Tribune]

Creators | Alan Bradford works as a roofer by day, but he recently turned to Amazon to self-publish a book of cartoons that he did when he was 8 years old. [Enterprise News]

Creators | Here's a cartoonist who has carved out an interesting niche for himself: Hugh McLeod, who draws cartoons to help corporations change their office culture. [Upstart]

Comics | Tom Spurgeon continues his series of holiday interviews with a talk with David Murray and Kate Deneveu, owners of the Telegraph Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia. [The Comics Reporter]

Retailing | Speeding Bullet Comics of Norman, Oklahoma, celebrates 15 years in business, and owner Matthew Price reflects on what has changed during that time. [Norman Transcript]

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