Comics A.M. | Turkish cartoonist faces prison for caricature

Legal | Former Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has filed a criminal complaint against cartoonist Musa Kart over a cartoon caricaturing Erdoğan's attempts to cover up a graft investigation. The prosecutor initially decided that there were no grounds for legal action, but Erdoğan took his case to the Bakırköy 14th High Criminal Court, which ruled that the cartoon exceeded the bounds of normal criticism and allowed the indictment to proceed. Kart could face nearly 10 years in prison if convicted and given the maximum sentence.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have dropped charges against all 209 of the people suspected in participating in the actual corruption Erdoğan is accused of covering up; those charges would have included "the transfer of lands with a value of billions of dollars at very low prices, the seizure of mines from businessmen by force, tender-rigging, illegally giving state tenders worth billions of dollars to businessmen, changing the status of protected areas through bribery, opening these [areas] for construction and making large profits off of them." [Today's Zaman]

Creators | "I was a kid who had my lunch money taken away. To get to my house was terror. Spider-Man took me to a place where everything was great," says Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC, discussing his lifelong love of comics and what went into starting his own line. CBR News spoke with McDaniels just last month. [The New York Times]

Comics | Joshua Rivera attempts to discern the meaning behind Marvel's recent series of teasers, and puts forward the "crazy conspiracy" theory that the recently announced Secret Wars will be the publisher's version of the slate-wiping Crisis on Infinite Earths. [EW.com]

Comics | Retailer Steve Bennett meditates on the parallels between comics and romance novels: Both have dedicated followings that are a bit embarrassed about their habit and, perhaps because of that, are early adopters of digital. [ICv2]

Comics | Luxembourg animator Alexandre Espigares, who won an Oscar this year for his short film Mr. Hublot, has created a comic that will be sold at Total gas stations throughout Luxembourg to benefit a children's cancer support group. The story features the Total mascot Mr. Sympa (Mr. Nice), and there's also a blank section where children can draw their own comics. [Luxemburger Wort]

Education | Kathy Hall, an instructor at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California, explains why she chose Watchmen as one of the texts for her English 100 class. [Talon Marks]

Retailing | Dana Tillusz was just 20 when he walked into the Regina, Saskatchewan, store Readers Book Shop and offered to buy it. The owners were skeptical but willing to sell, especially after his girlfriend (now his wife) vouched for him, and 20 years later, Tillusz is the owner of a successful local comics shop, Comic Readers. [Regina Leader-Post]

Retailing | Cleveland comic shops will be celebrating Halloween with parties and free comics. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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