Comics A.M. | Turkey lifts ban on thousands of books (and a comic)

Censorship | At least one comic, alas unnamed, was among the thousands of books removed this week from a Turkish government restricted list. Most of the bans were widely ignored anyway, but Metin Celal Zeynioglu, the head of Turkey's publishers' union, pointed out one important effect of lifting them: "Many of the students arrested in demonstrations are kept in prison because they're carrying banned books. From now on, we won't be able to use that as an excuse." [The Australian]

Publishing | Tom Spurgeon's latest holiday interview is with Shannon Watters, the editor of BOOM! Studios' children's comics line, which includes Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors and Peanuts. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Box Office Poison creator Alex Robinson talks about writing a comic about his eating disorder for Digestate, an anthology of food-themed comics: "Since it was the first time I’d talked about it publicly I couldn’t trust my own judgment as to the tone. I’m inclined to be funny, especially when I’m nervous, and I also didn’t want to bring people down. I was trying to just explain what life was like for me and not be self-pitying about it." [Comics Grinder]

Creators | Letterer Nate Piekos explains how he designed the new font for Francesco Francavilla's The Black Beetle. [Dark Horse]

Creators | Bob Andelman interviews Mark Anderson, the creator of the Andertoons franchise, about how he makes a living as a cartoonist in these difficult times. [Mr. Media]

Comics | Adam Haig delivers a withering analysis of a number of recent DC and Marvel graphic novels and collections: " Collectively, the works are bundles of symbols and avatars — not artistic images — in ideological and retrograde stories exuding greasy sentimentalism, glorifying aggression and indulging retributive fantasy." [World Socialist Web Site]

Comics | Actor Daniel Thackeray, who will portray the character V in an upcoming stage production of V for Vendetta, talks about the challenges of adapting Alan Moore's comic for the stage. [Down the Tubes]

Comics | Youseph Tanha explains how to tell whether that comic you picked up in the quarter bin is a newsstand or direct market edition, and a first or a later printing. [Youseph Tanha]

Comics | Writer Greg Pak selects his 25 favorite Hulk comic covers. [CapeTown]

Libraries | The Manga Revolution continues at the Cumming Library in Cumming, Georgia, where a manga day for teenagers brought an enthusiastic response. This is the sort of event that happens under most people's radar but is critical to the future of comics — and comic cons: "Some of the participants in the event said they often feel like they don't fit in at school, so knowing there are others in their community who share their interests is fantastic and they hope to remain friends." [NorthFulton.com]

History | Drew Anderson lists six words and expressions that originated in comics. [Cracked]

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