Comics A.M. | Trudeau addresses 'Doonesbury's' UVA strip

Creators | Garry Trudeau has some straight talk for those who criticized him for basing Sunday's Doonesbury on the controversial Rolling Stone expose of the University of Virginia's handling of rape cases — or thought maybe the strip was submitted before a number of commentators cast doubt on the lead anecdote in that article. The cartoonist insists that's not the point: "We had some internal discussion about whether the flaws in the [Rolling Stone] reporting mattered here, and we concluded they didn’t. UVA is only used as setup to get the reader to consider the larger problem of institutions prioritizing their reputations over the welfare of those they’re charged with safeguarding." [Comic Riffs]

Comics | Writer James Patrick's new publishing startup 21 Pulp is profiled in the local newspaper. [The Marietta Times]

Comics | This article about the popularity of superhero movies has some interesting insights about comics, including this one from CBR columnist Augie De Blieck, who points out that the early adopters of digital comics were "the same generation who were comic book readers during the last comic sales boom in the early '90s." [CNBC]

Creators | Brian Pellot talks to several cartoonists about the rewards and perils of using religion as a topic. [Crux]

Creators | Former Batman writer Len Wein talks about the creation of Clayface. [13th Dimension]

Creators | Michael Kaminer briefly surveys the Jewish women who made prominent graphic novels this year. [Forward]

Best of the year | Sean Edgar selects the 50 best comic book covers of 2014. [Paste]

Best of the year | Matt Baume puts an interesting spin on the top 10 list with a roundup of "The 10 Queerest Moments in Comics of 2014." [The Advocate]

Graphic novels | A teacher, a school librarian and several actual kids discuss why reading graphic novels really is reading, and how it can be helpful to struggling students. [LancasterOnline]

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