Comics A.M. | Tom Ziuko hospitalized, Paolo Rivera's surgery

Creators | Artist Alan Kupperberg shares word that colorist Tom Ziuko has been hospitalized as he fights acute kidney failure and other health conditions. "The good news is that the doctors seem to have finally stumbled on a series of treatments and therapies that have Tom seeing some light at the end of the tunnel," Kupperberg said in a message to Daniel Best. "The bad news is that Tom, uninsured and unable to work since the beginning of December, is in a tough financial bind." Kupperberg is accepting donations via his PayPal account -- kupperberg@earthlink.net -- and adds, "I will pass 100% (plus) along to Tom."

Ziuko worked in DC Comics' production department before going freelance, and colored comics like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Batman, Action Comics and History of the DC Universe, to name a few. Todd Klein remembers their time together at DC. [20th Century Danny Boy]

Creators | Artist Paolo Rivera suffered a broken cheekbone after intervening in a domestic dispute. "The good news is I'm all right and—most importantly—my vision is intact," he wrote on his blog. "... I had surgery on Monday and have been taking it very, very easy since. All things considered, I was very lucky. My eye looks horrendous—the white of the eye is blood red—but I can still see (thank goodness) and should make a full recovery. I also have a pretty rad haircut right now due to surgery... it kinda looks like the one I had circa 1995." [The Self-Absorbing Man]

Comic books | USA Today's Brian Truitt puts the spotlight on Grant Morrison's Batman Inc. and writer Nick Spencer. [USA Today]

Conventions | Comic-Con International has announced several more special guests for its show in San Diego this summer, including Ed Benes, Joëlle Jones, Cameron Stewart and many more. [Comic-Con International]

Blogosphere | Tom Spurgeon's holiday interview series continued this past weekend, as he spoke with Wilson creator Daniel Clowes and someone near and dear to our hearts, our own Brigid Alverson. [The Comics Reporter]

Publishers | Brooks Barnes spotlights Radical Publishing and their film deals. [New York Times]

Organizations | ComicsPro has announced its 2011 nominees for its Industry Appreciation Award, which include Steve Geppi, Denis Kitchen, Stan Lee, Bill Schanes and Bob Wayne. They also announced nominees for their Memorial Award, which include Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Julius Schwartz and Phil Seuling. [ComicsPro]

Awards | The Cybils, the children's and young adult bloggers' literary awards, named their finalists for 2010. Their list includes two separate graphic novel categories -- young adult and middle grade, and finalists include George O'Connor's Athena, Jason Shiga's Meanwhile and Hope Larson's Mercury. [Cybils]

Awards | The "social cataloging" site Goodreads has posted the winners of the 2010 Goodreads Choice Awards, as voted on by their users. In the graphic novel category, Twilight: The Graphic Novel beat out volumes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead, among others, to win the graphic novel category. [Goodreads.com]

Fandom | Molly McIsaac counts down the best cosplayers pf 2010. [iFanboy]

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