Comics A.M. | This weekend, it's Wizard World New York

Conventions | The New York Post previews what's now called the Wizard World Comic Con NYC Experience, which kicks off in about three hours at Basketball City (Pier 36) in New York City: "Wizard cons, which are kind of a traveling road show hitting cities across the country, tend to focus more on celebrity appearances and (paid) meet-and-greets than other shows. But they still have plenty of programming that will scratch a given itch. And there will be plenty of comics/memorabilia/ephemera dealers to help empty your wallet. [Parallel Worlds]

Editorial cartoons | The Cartoonists Rights Network International will honor Syrian cartoonist Akram Raslan, who has been imprisoned on charges of sedition for the past seven months because of his cartoons critical of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. [The Salt Lake Tribune]

Creators | Writer Dan Slott talks about the changes he has in store for Spider-Man in July, when The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Superior Carnage and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up all appear on store shelves. [USA Today]

Creators | Derek Fridolfs and Kenneth Elliot Jones, writers of the most recent arc in the digital-first Batman series Legends of the Dark Knight, are bringing back the villain Two-Face, and they are planning a story that asks, "Is there any way to live a good life without being held accountable for past sins?" according to Fridolfs: "The punishment of crime is something everyone has some feelings toward. And I think by the end of the story, it will be interesting to see if the readers side more with Two-Face or with Batman." [USA Today]

Creators | Artist Art Hondros, who created Fox Guy, a eulogy for a well known Washington, DC, character, talks about his budding career as an indie-comics artist. [Washington City Paper]

Publishing| Box Brown has some news about Retrofit Comics, the line of indie print comics that he publishes: He has inked a deal with Big Planet Comics: "I'll still be creative and editorial head but they’ll be taking on the financial end and distribution. Things will go on pretty much as they are now, but having Big Planet involved takes a lot of the pressure off of me and ensures Retrofit’s future!" [The Beat]

Digital comics | The digital comics distributor iVerse will roll out its library service this weekend at the American Library Association annual convention. [Publishers Weekly]

Retailing | Marc Hammond, co-owner and general manager of Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie, Illinois, talks about the nuts and bolts of running the store and what it's like to work with his partners, the Tiny Titans team of Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani. [Panels on Pages]

Podcasting | How illogical is it to use an audio medium to talk about visual media? "Podcasting About Comics Is Like Dancing About Architecture," Dan Turner states in a headline, but when he interviews a clutch of comics podcasters, including David Brothers, Dylan Cassard and Graeme McMillan, it all starts to make sense. [KQED Pop]

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