Comics A.M. | This weekend, it's the Black Comic Book Festival

Events | The second annual Black Comic Book Festival will take place this weekend at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City. The lineup of guests includes Norwood Steven Harris, Grey Williamson and Tim Fielder. "It is the largest gathering of black comic book fans in the country," says Schomburg Director Khalil Gibran Muhammad. "There is something for everyone from the aspirational 9-year-old illustrator, to the costumed superheroes, to the lifelong collectors." [New York Daily News]

Creators | Ed Brubaker discusses the exclusive deal he and Sean Phillips signed with Image Comics, announced last week at Image Expo: " It's almost like having your own label or something. Just the fact that we can green-light our own projects and we have approval over format, everything. ... I feel like we have such a core audience that seems to follow us from thing to thing, so let's take advantage of that and really just experiment and go crazy and just be artists." [IGN]

Creators | In another story based on the Image Expo announcements, Rick Remender talks about his planned sci-fi series Low. (Comic Book Resources chatted with the writer earlier this week.) [Hero Complex]

Creators | Joshua Hale Fialkov discusses his new series Skyman, published by Dark Horse and featuring an African-American Air Force sergeant with a crushed vertebrae who gets the use of his legs back when he puts on his super-suit. [USA Today]

Creators | Chris Mautner talks to Paul Pope about his graphic novel Battling Boy. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Whit Taylor interviews cartoonist MariNaomi about her life and work. [Panel Patter]

Creators | Geert Heetebrij got started telling stories to the toughest audience of all: his children, at bedtime. His story about a family who go on a series of adventures after a big hole appears in their backyard was a big hit with his kids, and now he is working with illustrator Jonathan Larev to turn it into a graphic novel, which they hope to fund via Kickstarter. [Moorpark Acorn]

Creators | Political cartoonist Frank Shiers Jr. talks about his work. [Bellevue Reporter]

Retailing | Mike Giacola, owner of October Country Comics in New Paltz, New York, talks about how comics have changed over the years, and how he adapts to that as a retailer. [Poughkeepsie Journal]

Conventions | Kathleen Rasche reports in on the DeLand Comics and Collectibles Show in DeLand, Florida. [Daytona Beach News-Journal]

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