Comics A.M. | This weekend, it's Stan Lee's Comikaze

Conventions | Coming up this weekend: Stan Lee's Comikaze in Los Angeles, featuring special guests Todd McFarlane, Neal Adams and Marv Wolfman. Attendance is expected to reach 60,000, which is a pretty big number for such a convention that's only in its second year. [Hero Complex]

Conventions | James Sime, owner of Isotope Comics and one of the organizers of MorrisonCon, talks about, well, Isotope Comics and MorrisonCon, and what it was like translating the world of writer Grant Morrison into a comics event: "The *promise* of MorrisonCon is this crazy, life-altering weekend where you’re plugged directly into this swirling world of brilliant ideas, offbeat interests, mad obsessions, and personalities who fire Grant’s creativity. We had to make that promise real, to translate as many improbable concepts and even random off the cuff Morrison riffs as possible into the tangible world. To render all that into nightclubs and hotel rooms and meeting space chairs and places for awesome humans to meet and mingle. We all agreed, it just wasn’t worth doing unless we could live up to that promise, to truly make something worthy of the name MorrisonCon… and go far beyond it." [Three If By Space]

Retailing | San Jose, California, comics shop Hijinx Comics recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. [San Jose Mercury News]

Creators | Writer Joe Keatinge talks about Glory, Hell Yeah and his upcoming comic, Intergalactic, a sci-fi story about a space-traveling family, which is a "complete departure" from his earlier work: “It's about this sprawling, large family dynasty. It's about them, and how they deal with each other, and the ways they don't get along, or get along, and how complicated family can get. And it's a much more subtle book than anything I've done before.” [News OK]

Creators | Phonogram creator Kieron Gillen talks music and comics in a podcast interview. On his blog, he comments, "It’s over an hour, and a particularly self-searching and revealing kind of interview, where I gave probably a bit too much information about where my head was in late-2012. Man!" [Podcast! The Comics]

Comics | Ron Marz discusses the challenges of editing the Indian series Aveon 9; it's not os much the vast geographical distance between the creators as the fact that it's a whole new world: "Something like Green Lantern or Batman depends to a certain extent on the long histories of those characters. You're playing in a playground that's already established. For Aveon 9, we're creating the entire playground. The biggest challenge was to become acquainted with this brand new world. Everything is being created from scratch, and it's a vast and complex world." [The Economic Times]

Comic strips | RC Harvey sketches out the unlikely history of Chic Young's Blondie, which had its beginnings in the stock market crash of 1929. [TCJ.com]

Advice | First Second marketing director Gina Gagliano continues her excellent series on the ins and outs of graphic novel publishing with a post about how to submit to First Second, whether you're Hypothetical Ted Naifeh or a first-time creator. [First Second Blog]

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